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A line sheet is a simple sheet used in the apparel/dressing industry that provides manufacturers with information on a particular product for direct wholesale distribution. It helps an apparel manufacturer to accurately list a garment with its precise size range, good for accurate inventory control. Because of its very low cost, it is widely used in the apparel industry. In addition, the accuracy it provides can save time, improve cash flow, and improve sales.

It is very important that a line sheet contains basic information like the material being manufactured, the model number, the size of the product, color, and design. Other fields to include information like quantities, sales tax, and shipping and handling costs should also be specified. This will enable the supplier to efficiently process order forms. Other fields not essential but are helpful include contact info like address, phone number, fax, e-mail address, and website.

Most sheets provide detailed contact information so that the buyer can reach the manufacturer easily. Some sheets provide suggested retail prices for the products. The suggested retail prices are based on average costs of the product. Line sheets can also be used as wholesale fashion line sheet and help retailers to price their merchandise. Most suppliers offer free shipping for the suggested retail price.

Most buyers prefer to purchase a standard sheet, and some prefer a custom-made sheet because they want more options. Some buyers find it convenient to have the sheet custom-made because they have precise sizes requirements and cannot obtain the basic measurements of the product through the standard method. On the other hand, standard sheets are useful for buyers who have broad product listing. These buyers can use standard sheets with data such as price, quantity, and contact info.

The main purpose of line sheets is to provide additional information for potential buyers. Buyers can contact the manufacturer directly to ask questions about the product and determine the specifications. Manufacturers may provide specification sheets online. To attract more buyers, manufacturers can create enticing videos or audio clips to show the product in use. Videos and audio clips can go a long way towards convincing potential buyers that their product is high quality and functional.

Buyers should be cautious to avoid using a wholesale price guide. It’s not accurate enough to give an accurate cost of the item. Because of its inaccuracy, a buyer might think that the item is too costly, and refrain from buying it. Instead, he or she should research and use a line sheet to find the appropriate product size for the buyer.

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