Inspection Checklists

Inspection checklists are important for every new or experienced plumber to effectively manage plumbing repairs. It is vital to have a checklist on hand in case a problem should arise. A well-maintained checklist will help save you valuable time and money in the long run, by ensuring your work is completed in a timely manner.

Many people assume that inspection checklists are a waste of time, but that’s not the case. The fact is that most plumbers never use self-inspection and self-checks and therefore do not take full advantage of the information that is available to them. Many professional plumbers subscribe to comprehensive checklists that give them information about each pipe, appliance and fixture and information that is required to ensure they complete successful installations.

Many of the most common pipe and appliance inspections take place at work. They involve inspectors who visit various businesses and homes to gather data on common problems. A plumber who works alone will not have access to enough inspectors to collect the necessary information for the job. In addition, some inspectors may not be skilled in the language of Spanish. As a result, it becomes necessary to communicate with all inspectors in a variety of languages. This is one of the main reasons that many inspectors subscribe to multi-listing organizations.

Inspection checklists contain numerous items that must be inspected during the course of a repair. Typical items are a general description of the problem that exists, a list of specifications needed for the repair, a list of equipment, fixtures or supplies that need to be replaced and an item that indicates if the inspector has found any defects. Some companies use more than one checklist in their processes. A basic two-page checklist distributed to all inspectors contains all items that need to be inspected. Additional pages can be used to indicate the steps of the repair process and provide a checklist of safety procedures for the process.

Most inspectors have a system that allows them to assign a priority to certain categories of items. The most important items in a checklist need to be at the top of the list. The process of developing the inspection checklists is far from being a one-time process. The inspectors constantly monitor their systems and make updates as necessary.

Many times companies will customize their own inspection checklists to meet their specific needs. If an inspection is not performed quickly enough, the problem can grow and cause the delay or failure of a project. The inspectors that create these work flow plans allow the company to address problems as they arise rather than waiting until the problem becomes critical. Some companies even have a template for each key category on their inspection checklists so that the same set of information is always available for quick reference.

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Creating A Home Inspection Checklist Using Microsoft Excel Can Be

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